Pinback Blue Screen Life

Normally thrown in with heavyweight indie acts like Modest Mouse and Built To Spill, San Diego’s Pinback shares the qualities that both bands are praised for and even have enough left over to make a name for themselves. Blue Screen Life, their second album, is a beautiful spread of serene lo-fi pop music. As gentle and calm as a lamb, the music sways like the wind, with some complex guitar structures and a wide array of instruments used to give it some originality. The constant switch between drums and drum programming is actually less unnerving than one would think. The shared vocals of Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Robertdale Rulon Crow Jr. compliment each other nicely on tracks like "Boo” and "Talby,” which musically sounds like Arab Strap, but without the endless misery. It’s definitely worth checking out for those bored with today’s guitar-heavy indie rock scene. (Ace Fu)