Phantom Planet Chicago, Chicagoing, Chicagone

Though it looks like they may live the rest of their career as "The O.C. band," Phantom Planet have served up a DVD that will just barely satisfy the fans, true and fair-weather alike. Chicago, Chicagoing, Chicagone captures the band onstage in Chicago performing a set comprised of the band's last two records. Beginning with an intimate tour of their messy tour bus, the following performance is nothing spectacular. The 16-song set proves the band is more cut out for their latest nu-grunge sound than the sunny pop of three years ago (i.e., a piano-less "California" is played sloppily in an octave lower). Other features include a poorly recorded gig at Summer Sonic in Japan and two embarrassing clips from their first ever gig, including a horrendous, yet side-splitting, cover of "Sabotage." (Epic)