Phantogram Recording New LP at Big Boi's Stankonia Studio

Phantogram Recording New LP at Big Boi's Stankonia Studio
Phantogram pop up a few times on Big Boi's new LP Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, which finally hits retailers tomorrow (December 11), but it appears as if the relationship between the Outkast rapper and the playful New York indie outfit continues beyond that album. A recent interview with Big Boi has revealed that the act are currently recording their next LP at his Stankonia studios in Atlanta.

Speaking of his hectic schedule, the rapper noted that on top of playing shows and promoting Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, he's been spending time in the studio with the pop duo.

"They came to get some of this stankness," he told Consequence of Sound. "It don't stop. I just mastered my album two weeks ago and Phantogram said [they] were coming for another week and I was like, 'Shit, I gotta be there.' So I've been in here with them for the past couple of days and their new shit sounds fucking incredible."

It's unclear if Big Boi is collaborating on some tracks, producing or just hanging around during the sessions. The band have posted a few studio pictures and noted that piano player Kevin Kendricks laid down some keys work on a cover of Phil Collins' "Take Me Home," but beyond that, album info is scant at present.

Despite the lack of concrete details on Phantogram's follow-up to last year's Nightlife EP, the duo recently confirmed they'll be performing with Big Boi tonight (December 10) at the rapper's show at New York's SOB's.