Phantogram "Fall In Love" (video)

Phantogram 'Fall In Love' (video)
New York duo Phantogram are setting fans up with another preview of their impending Voices LP, this time with a swirling black-and-white tapestry of visuals for heart-pumping dance-pop number "Fall in Love."

The track's cut-and-paste breaks, taffy-pull synth leads and punchy backbeat act as the backdrop to Sarah Barthel's sensuous descriptions of a relationship on the fritz ("I was the reason you feel sick inside"). As she and Josh Carter tackle the track from a soundstage, the setting soon morphs into an all-enveloping blanket of squiggled geometry. Nearby, an emotionally fraught individual curled up in the fetal position rests on a podium.

You can check out the visual smorgasbord down below, and pick up Voices when it hits retailers February 18 through Republic.