Peter Sarsgaard Says Making 'The Batman' Is Like Seeing the Pixies in Concert

Peter Sarsgaard Says Making 'The Batman' Is Like Seeing the Pixies in Concert
Matt Reeves's upcoming movie The Batman is going to feature just about every actor working in Hollywood, including Peter Sarsgaard. The most recent addition to the film was asked about his experience on set, and he said that it reminded him of seeing the Pixies in concert.

According to CinemaBlend, Sarsgaard made the peculiar observation while discussing the film at the Television Critics Association panel from CBS All Access. Of the film, he said:

Matt directing this Batman [is exciting]. The cast is so awesome. It seems different from other Batman movies to me, just with the cast. There's something about it that has an edge, it's young. To me, just my perception of it, it reminds me of when I was in college, and I went to go see the Pixies play, and looking around and feeling the vibe at a Pixies concert. That's what it felt like to me, a song like "I Bleed." That it has the energy and that sort of thing, and isn't so specifically targeted to a very young audience, or a very old audience, but has that power of chaos in it…

In case you think this means The Batman is about a monkey going to heaven, Sarsgaard added that comparing something to the Pixies is some of the highest praise he can give.

"The Pixies were my favourite group of all time," he said. "I went to like 20 concerts, and it was that feeling of all of us in this. And it's very emotional. The Pixies were an incredibly emotional band, and I think this Batman is very emotional in that way. I think it will be very powerful."

The Batman will hit theatres on June 25, 2021. That means there's still plenty of time to book a Black Francis cameo.