Peter Murphy and the Late Mick Karn to Issue Dali's Car 2

Peter Murphy and the Late Mick Karn to Issue <i>Dali's Car 2</i>
Japan bassist Mick Karn passed away earlier this year after a bout with cancer, but the musician left us with one last gift, an EP from the long-dormant Dali's Car project with Peter Murphy. Following a 26-year break, the duo got together last fall to work on some new material, which will soon be released as the Dali's Car 2 EP.

A post on Karn's website explains that "The duo were reunited in a studio in Oxford at the end of September last year to begin work and four tracks were completed over the ensuing months -- a slow process due to Mick's declining health."

Former Japan drummer Steve Jansen just finished mixing the tunes, which will be released sometime later this year. This will be the first Dali's Car material since the group's only album, 1984's The Waking Hour.

While it's still unclear when the new Dali's Car material will debut, band member Murphy is currently on tour, performing tracks from his upcoming album Ninth, which, as previously reported, is coming out this June.

Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the tip.