Peter Murphy Dust

The "Batman" has been gradually making a departure from the pop feel of his earlier solo efforts, and here we have the point where all of his new musical visions have converged. Those looking for the spine-tinglers, like hits "Cuts You Up" or "Indigo Eyes," would be best advised to listen to their older Murphy releases. That said, these new pieces should not be disregarded upon a single listen. To appreciate Dust is to follow Peter on this journey he's taking into the deep realms of the human condition, as he sings of soul-searching and spirituality, desire and despair. There is a certain dark mystique about the album, as his ever-potent vocals meld with Middle Eastern instrumentation, almost invoking the wisdom of the ancients to provide answers to the questions he asks. Slow, steady rhythms and minor keys set the tone for the CD's entirety, which provides a sense of continuity. While sober and introspective, there is a definite honesty and lack of self-indulgence about Dust, and though it's not an album you'd throw on to satisfy your up-tempo cravings, the maturity of it has been, as any fan would agree, a long time in coming. (Metropolis)