Perry Farrell Details Dave Sitek's Involvement in Jane's Addiction

Perry Farrell Details Dave Sitek's Involvement in Jane's Addiction
Earlier this month, we reported that TV on the Radio/Maximum Balloon multi-instrumentalist and all-around production guru Dave Sitek had joined Jane's Addiction as bassist for their upcoming album. Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Jane's frontman Perry Farrell revealed that Sitek is also co-writing the record and contributing some guitar work.

In the interview, Farrell describes his working relationship with Sitek, saying, "The first time we got together with Dave Sitek was in my garage... I played him music and explained to him how I've been working the last few years on music. He was so for it. He was a proponent of my message and I was a proponent of the way he works, so we just decided to get together. Now, he's a real important person on my life."

Sitek was also an integral part of the songwriting process, recording loose ideas with guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins, then listening back to hours of material and piecing together song ideas. While he is quickly becoming an integral part of the band, Sitek most likely won't be joining them for any tour dates.

"He's not a guy that likes to go on tours though, so we haven't decided who it will be yet," Farrell said.

Farrell also took the time to explain Duff McKagan's departure from the group in a little more detail, saying, "I couldn't really tell you what his problem was. You can ask him. He's calling it 'creative differences.' I know he didn't like the idea of electronics at all. That was his complaint. We've got our gripes too, but what's the point?"

The new Jane's Addiction album has been tentatively given the title The Great Escape, and while no release date has been set, Farrell added that the group have three albums' worth of material in the can already.