Perfeck Strangers

Perfeck Strangers
The reference to a fondly remembered '80s sitcom notwithstanding, there's nothing dated about Perfeck Strangers. The pairing of two seemingly disparate MCs is nothing new to the genre, but Canadian hip-hop solo vets Dan-e-o and Promise make it sound fresh and unexplored at the same time.Despite their dissimilar styles, the chemistry between the two is well defined and there's an overriding sense that Series Premiere is intended as the first episode, with more to come.

Why is now the perfect time to drop the Series Premiere?
Dan-e-o: One of the reasons we're called Perfeck Strangers is that we're both perfectionists; we were hooking up twice a week writing tracks and that was the easy and fun part. The reason the album is coming out now is that the writing and recording process was so quick, it was all the little things: we've since secured distribution and management, mixed it and remixed and did different photo shoots as well. Everything that we did for this album was to make a perfect type of project that we both feel 100-percent, double thumbs up about.

One gets the vibe from the album that today's hip-hop needs a more classic approach. Would you agree?
Promise: That's definitely the vibe, especially with our single, "Come Back Home." We're kind of going around looking for hip-hop and asking it to come back home, "it's been a while since we've heard from you"-type thing.

How would you describe the sound? What vibe were you going for?
Dan-e-o: We come from two different backgrounds: I grew up being that hardened battle MC and street rapper, whereas P comes from a more soulful background. Meshing our musical tastes is what makes the sound of a Perfeck Strangers record. It's music that comes from the heart and is substance heavy.

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