Peaches Gets Her One-Woman Jesus Christ Superstar After All

Peaches Gets Her One-Woman <i>Jesus Christ Superstar</i> After All
Last week, electro-clash eccentric Peaches tweeted that her one-woman performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was scheduled to run from March 25-27 at Berlin's Hebbel Theatre, had been "crucified before opening night." Apparently, the German authorities stated that the performance was of "no interest to them due to its unconventional form."

Well, the project is now back on, as Peaches had been granted permission to perform her show in Berlin. This Tuesday (February 23), Peaches posted a series of tweets, one of which read, "Peaches Christ Superstar Resurrected."

She did not explain the reason for the authorities' change of heart, but revealed, "72 hours after Peaches Tweet about authorities canceling her production, the powers that be have changed their minds and have now given." Of course, this tweet was actually written eight days after the original cancelling, but 72 hours makes for a better story; after all, Jesus himself was resurrected after three days.

She claimed that it was her fans' support that helped to get the show approved, writing, "Thanks to all who picked up on 'the buzz' and spread the gospel. You all helped in its second coming." Ironically, we're guessing that it was religious humour like this that got the show cancelled in the first place.

Whether or not Peaches' one-woman show is any good remains to be seen. It's a good sign, however, that virtuosic pianist Gonzales will be providing accompaniment. If you happen to be in Berlin, be sure to swing by the Hebbel Theatre from March 25-27 and see for yourself.