Patrick Wolf Looks For Investors To Help Fund Double Album

Patrick Wolf Looks For Investors To Help Fund Double Album
Patrick Wolf is looking for fans to offer up a bit of cash and become shareholders in his upcoming double album Battle. Through the music-funding website Bandstocks, Wolf is hoping fans will invest in his record and pay £10 ($18.23 CDN) a pop to help him cover the production costs of the LP, which is now due out in spring 2009 via the songwriter's recently launched imprint, Bloody Chamber Music.

"It's the beginning of the future for artists and musicians in the music industry," NME quotes Wolf as saying of the venture. "There's no way we can rely on conglomerate, corporate companies anymore.

"Basically, you can invest in the finishing of the album and the production of it, and you get a share in the album. So you almost become part of the record company, like a co-owner of the album."

As we previously reported, Bandstocks allows the public to buy stocks in bands and, once the cash investments reach a predetermined level, the money is given to the artist to record an album. "Investors" then get a free copy of that record, an album credit and a percentage of the profits made from its sale and licensing. Also, they get first grabs at concert tickets and the chance to buy limited edition releases of the album.

Contrary to several new media reports, such as NME's, it appears Wolf hasn't changed his Battle plans, and like he said in October is still aiming to release a double album containing one more "punky" and "aggressive" disc produced by former Atari Teenage Rioter Alec Empire, and another that will be lighter, more mellow and about the battles of love.

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