Partner Citadel High School, Halifax NS, July 9

Partner Citadel High School, Halifax NS, July 9
Photo: Richard Lann
Five members wearing five equally loud patterned shirts walked out as co-frontwoman Josée Caron greeted the early evening crowd with a shout of, "It's five o'clock somewhere — right fuckin' here!"
Despite the early set time, even the bright coloured stripes and Hawaiian florals sported by the band were bested by the sound radiating off the stage once the band kicked things off. Thrusting themselves into high gear from the get-go, Partner shredded their way through cuts delightfully reminiscent of Weezer (if you were to swap out the mopey bits for weed-induced hilarity).
"Hot Knives" and "Personal Weekend" got the rock rolling, while "Sex Object" called for audience participation, getting everyone to share in Lucy Niles' experience of snooping through a roommate's personal belongings only to find what she thought was "a sex thing" by chanting: "Shouldn't have been snooping in my roommate's room / shouldn't have been snooping in there." (For the record, it turns out the found object was not, in fact, a sex toy, but the song was already written.)
There were also odes to existential potato chip crises ("Let the Chips Fall Where They May"), pot-related paranoia ("Everybody Knows You're High"), fellow gay Maritimers named Ellen ("The Ellen Page") and embracing your own personal chill, which may or may not include frozen pizza, sweatpants and Dance Moms ("Comfort Zone").
There was hardly a dull moment, with downtime in the set (or even points mid-song) spent waving to friends, family and familiar faces in the "Hali-fuckin'-fax" crowd. Everyone on stage was obviously having a ball, and the energy was contagious. It was apt that Partner opted to close with "Ambassador to Ecstasy," as they clearly have a knack for guiding everyone around them on the path to good times.