​Park Day The Republic, St. John's NL, May 23

​Park Day The Republic, St. John's NL, May 23
Photo: Matt Williams
After a stellar introduction by the evening's host, Miley, local "four piece cool guy band" Park Day took the stage at The Republic for the pay-what-you-can party. They kicked off their set with a tune as beachy as vocalist/guitarist Adam Ravalia's Margaritaville-copping attire, adorned with watermelons and pineapples.
"Fuckin' Lawnya Vawnya, the most wonderful time of the year," Ravalia said, preaching to the tipsy choir. "I know everyone probably has to work tomorrow and shit," he started, but was quickly cut off from a defiant spectator — "Fuck that!"
Park Day seem to oscillate between dance-y vibes — which sound, well, lightly groovy — and something that borders on the Hip's sometimes strange dramatic dreaminess, with an added touch of goliath post-rock breaks. The Hip thing isn't an accident, one would have to assume: the band's other vocalist/guitarist, Zach Dalley, was rockin' one of their shield tees.
The band ended things on a bit of a tame note, considering they'd just finished up with some righteous late-set epics, but that didn't stop the band's biggest fans — three giddily drunk buds — from throwing some elbows in a lethargic mosh pit.

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