Paramore's New Album Might Be Complete

All We Know IS Falling

Photo: Lindsey Byrnes

BY Kayla HigginsPublished Jul 26, 2022

Oh, glory — oh glory! Hold onto your fringes: Paramore's new album may finally be complete.

In a recent interview with Music Connection Magazine, Grammy award-winning producer Manny Marroquin — who has mixed records for the likes of John Mayer, Tegan and Sara and Thirty Seconds to Mars — casually mentioned that he just finished mixing the band's upcoming sixth studio album.

The beloved scene veterans were reported to be back in the studio earlier this year, with bandleader Hayley Williams saying the trio "got to feeling that feeling" of knowing they were onto a new era "early this time." Their last album was 2017's After Laughter.

"We just finished the record for Paramore," Marroquin told the publication's Rob Putnam. "That band needs one consistent sound because it's an album with one producer." An oasis in this wasteland!

Of the art of mixing, the producer continued: "But then you get another band or genre and they may have several. If there's only one producer, nine times out of 10 it'll be the same mixer. So, it depends a lot on who the producer is. In today's world, we don't necessarily listen to albums as much as we used to, so it becomes less important to have [only] one mixer."

Either before or after the long-overdue arrival of new music, the trio will be bringing their emo efforts to the stage (as well as to a podcast streaming service near you, many thanks to Williams) at a lone Canadian stop this November on a run of North American shows

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