Pantha Du Prince This Bliss

For Hendrik Weber (aka Gluhen 4 and Panthel), his occupation as a furniture maker is merely a secondary craft to composing music as Pantha Du Prince. This Bliss continues the recent success of his remixes for Depeche Mode and Phantom/Ghost with a journey through a land of soft, echoing harmonies and ice-tipped melodies. Rich in layers of emotion from the melancholy strings of "Saturn Strobe” to the mischievous "White Out,” with every feeling in between and outside, Weber’s work is a refreshing approach to minimally tech-y sounds, which in many quarters have extended so far towards polar opposites of abrasive tones and easily abused grooves that they often leave very little spiritual essence. Distinctly influenced by more mature Detroit and Chicago styles with minimalist beats and softer, more absorbing tones, This Bliss is a beautiful album to be listened to over being danced to. Thematic chimes and bells instil a winter-like presence in a captivating, descriptive soundtrack. (Dial)