Ozric Tentacles Live At The Pongmasters Ball

For their zillionth release, this famous UK-based modern psych band of two decades strong turn the metal/hippie/dub shifting into full overdrive, where Yngwie Malmsteem meets Mr. Spock battling Steve Vai. Recorded live this past March, the lengthy instrumentals in this two-disc set comes off more like a "test," rather than a performance; perhaps it can be better described as a "performance test," ultimately placing this within the functionality of background listening music. While the playing sounds tight and decent, the sound quality is a little stifling and compressed, likely because the recording sources are from soundboard tapes. If such is the case, then piping this loudly over a PA in a club or outside in your backyard might yield more powerful and revealing results. Of course, only if you are a geek. (Snapper)