Owsley Sunshine The Issri EP

The Owsley Sunshine are a psychedelic rock band hidden away in the depths of Lincolnshire, UK. Formed in 2002, they are still unsigned but rapidly gaining solid press and a large fan base in their country. Famous for their captivating live shows, this band is undeniably talented and brilliant in their own right, as evidenced in their five-song EP. Their music is a creative fusion of guitars and an organ, with infectious bass lines, trippy loops and keyboard samples. The band have nearly perfected their soaring four-part harmonies and chanting choruses, making great memorable songs with big and groovy hooks. These songs are hypnotic, alive and simply enchanting in the vein of Pink Floyd, the Stones Roses, Beck or the Charlatans. Nearly every song is an anthem, a perfect example of drugged-out sonic bliss circa ’80s Madchester. A must-have for lazy evenings and musical celebrations of any kind, whether you're at the club or in your room. Intoxicating, magical and multi-coloured, the Owsley Sunshine are truly impressive. Major label bidding should really begin any day now. (Independent)