Outrageous Cherry Why Don't We Talk About Something Else

Though internationally revered as primo practitioners of throwback psych-rock, veteran Detroit garage rockers Outrageous Cherry have never been accused of overwhelming fans with an abundance of stylistic dynamics. According to the bouncy, clap-along title track of this latest five-song EP, that reputation for stick-to-itiveness isn’t about to change anytime soon. The same can’t be said for some of the other tracks here, like the bouncy, piano-driven and handclap-festooned "Don’t Worry,” or "My Suspicious Midwest,” with its reverb-drenched multi-tracked vocals and multitude of classic Beach Boys-isms. Despite the fact these two numbers seem to represent a considerable progression in terms of both songwriting and production, the liner notes indicate that only the title track, and the disc’s closing instrumental psych-rock shaker "Detroit Blackout,” are the only two tracks destined for the band’s forthcoming full-length, Our Love Will Change the World. While the omissions may not be a detriment to the album, they certainly make a strong case for scoring a copy of this EP. (Rainbow Quartz)