Big Boi Gifts 5-Year-Old Shooting Victim an Adorable Puppy

Big Boi Gifts 5-Year-Old Shooting Victim an Adorable Puppy
OutKast may not be delivering any new material in the foreseeable future, but Big Boi's solo career is still going strong thanks to his recent LP Boomiverse. And despite how easy it would be for a guy like Big Boi to get bigheaded, the Atlanta rapper has instead shown off his big heart.
The hip-hopper visited a five-year-old girl named Abriya Ellison yesterday (August 10) and gifted her a puppy that was bred from his kennel business. The youngster was the victim of a shooting outside Atlanta earlier this year; she was playing in a bounce house when she was shot and paralyzed below the waist.
Video footage of the surprise gift presentation has now surfaced, which shows Ellison meeting her new furry friend. The pup has since been crowned "King," and you can watch him cuddling up to his new owner below.
"There's nothing like having a companion or a service dog, something therapeutic that you can love on, that can love back on you," Big Boi told WSBTV. "She's been through a lot and to see how strong she is now, that was just like 'Oh my goodness. She's definitely inspiring and it just touched our heart, so we're just trying to do what we can do to help."
Big Boi also footed Ellison's medical bills and paid to have her bathroom renovated to make it handicap accessible.
Watch footage of Big Boi and Ellison's meeting below.