Osees Just Announced Their Third Album of 2020

It's a remix album called 'Panther Rotate'
Osees Just Announced Their Third Album of 2020
Believe it or not, John Dwyer's Osees have just announced another new album. Yes, another one. Marking their third record of 2020 so far, the band will release Panther Rotate on December 11 through Castle Face Records.

Panther Rotate is being labelled a remix record, and it will find Dwyer redoing tracks from the band's recent Protean Threat LP. Right now, you can hear his newly redone version of "Don't Blow Your Experiment" below.

Alongside the album announcement, Dwyer shared the following statement, which (somewhat) sheds more light on the upcoming remix effort:

In the swirling & undulant warm mud of jettisoned reels of magnetic tape, blurps up the fog of reinvention.
Every night I would parley with my pilots and run and rerun the recordings.
Right up until the moment sleep slips its veil over eyes and ears
and you drift back without a sound.
Protean Threat dream haze becomes Panther Rotate in the other dimension.
A companion LP of remixes, field recordings, and sonic experiments using all sounds generated by the him and crackle of the desert farm.

A second version of our "Protean Threat" if you will, but barely conspicuous in its relation.
Forward, never straight!
Sunrise, sunset.
Two lives connected by a cosmic thread,
One for your feet and one for your head.

For fans of Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, Osees, and OSE∃S etc etc etcetcetc

Be Well,

Just to throw even more content at you, Osees have also shared a new music video for Protean Threat track "Red Study," which you'll also find below.

As previously reported, Osees also have a new record called Metamorphosed out on October 16 via Rock Is Hell.

Panther Rotate:

1. Scramble Experiment
2. Don't Blow Your Experiment
3. Synthesis
4. Toadstool Experiment
5. If I Had an Experiment
6. Miz Experiment
7. Terminal Experiment
8. Poem 2 
9. Gong Experiment