Origin Unparalleled Universe

Origin Unparalleled Universe
Topeka, KS tech-death masters Origin return with their latest slab of brutality, dubbed Unparalleled Universe. The album marks their seventh to date and, following 2014's Omnipresent, is also the band's second recording to feature vocalist Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless, Mucopus), who cements his place in Origin with yet another stellar performance here.
Unparalleled Universe is relentless and intense from start to finish, showcasing the perfect balance of incredibly complex technicality and groove-filled, crushing heaviness. Opener "Infinitesimal to the Infinite" is a whiplash-fast onslaught of punishing riffs and sweeping leads, while "Accident and Error" contains slamming rhythms.
"Mithridatic" highlights Keyser's coarse, commanding growls, which stabilize a record brimming with founding member Paul Ryan's intricate guitar work. His brilliant songwriting is especially bewildering on "Dajjal," while drummer John Longstreth's inhuman, pummelling blasts are particularly powerful throughout the frenetic "Truthslayer."
Origin conclude the record with a vicious cover of Brujeria's "Revolución," which is an apt way to finish a thoroughly eviscerating release. Equal parts brutal and technical, and filled with precise musicianship, Unparalleled Universe is yet another solid album to add to Origin's flawless catalogue. (Nuclear Blast)