Origin Echoes of Decimation

Seven years into their career, the unremitting blasts and light speed grind that has kept this band above their peers is showing no signs of disappearing with age. The riffs are progressive, technically proficient and engaging, completely destroying the credibility of many other extreme metal acts. The shredding madness that characterises the guitars is matched with a multitude of complex and crushing beats. While the kick drum is being blasted with what seems like a million beats per minute, the drummer miraculously manages to be strongly creative when using the rest of the kit. The combination of guttural proclamations and shrill quips gives the vocals a dynamic that accents their brand of sonic brutality. The intricacy with which they tie pieces of the song together is remarkable but coherence isn’t necessarily accessible. A couple close listens and the parts begin to fall together. Origin is an amazing and ear catching act that has played a big part in Relapse becoming one of the most respected names in metal. This release is not to be missed. (Relapse)