Opeth Return with 'Pale Communion'

Opeth Return with 'Pale Communion'
Following up a trio of reissues delivered back in 2012, long-running Swedish metal band Opeth have announced they have a new LP coming down the pipeline. The group's next set is called Pale Communion, and it comes out June 17 via Roadrunner Records.

The record was tracked at Wales' Rockfield Studios by the band's vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, with mixing duties handled by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson. According to a recent interview with Åkerfeldt, he began working on the set by writing album closer "Faith in Others," which apparently led the songwriter to craft a more cohesive song cycle than 2011's Heritage.

"Heritage was somewhat deliberately fucked up all over the place because I love fucked-up-all-over-the-place-type music, but I wanted to do something more melodic with this album, so there's stronger vocal melodies and more melodies overall for this album," he told Noisey. "I was pretty consistent with that frame of mind throughout the writing process, so at least I had a plan with this album, and I normally don't, to be honest."

Pale Communion's first single will be "Cusp of Eternity," though the song has not yet been let loose to preview. A pre-order for the album goes up May 6 and will give fans an immediate download of the track.

Pale Communion:

1. Eternal Rains Will Come

2. Cusp Of Eternity

3. Moon Above, Sun Below

4. Elysian Woes

5. Goblin

6. River

7. Voice Of Treason

8. Faith In Others