Opeth "The Wilde Flowers" (lyric video)

Opeth 'The Wilde Flowers' (lyric video)
While long-running metal crew Opeth are due to drop their Sorceress album in just over a week's time, they're sharing some of its mesmerizing sounds ahead of the proper release. A skulls and plant life-covered lyric video has surfaced for the record's "The Wilde Flowers."

The band's latest preview from the LP takes on elements of '60s hard blues and psych, presenting itself as a stomped-out piece rife with paisley print organ sounds. Lyrically, it weighs in on poisoned souls, funeral pyres and plenty of schemes.

Visually, the animated lyric video for "The Wilde Flowers" is adorned in various wreaths, ominous crows and scalp-sprouting florae.

You can take a look at the latest Sorceress preview below, while the album official lands through Nuclear Blast on September 30.