Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes

Opeth have circumvented the expected pitfalls of live releases, especially in the metal genre, and delivered a product just as listenable as their studio recordings. Their recent live DVD, Lamentations, excluded tracks from their earlier Peaceville and Candlelight releases, much to the chagrin of long-time supporters. No such omissions are present here, as the set list is spread across two discs, touching on every release in their catalogue, barring Deliverance. Modern fare, such as Ghost Reveries highlight "Ghost of Perdition,” is placed comfortably between set mainstays like "Demon of the Fall” and "Bleak,” and as such will likely satisfy the full spectrum of their audience. The sound quality is exceptionally good, highlighting previously buried intricacies in the tracks while still delivering on the bottom-end. Recently acquired keyboardist Per Wiberg adds to some of the older material, cementing the necessity of this release for those that already own the discography. This is a gem for fans and newcomers alike. (Peaceville)