Oneida Finish Thank Your Parents Trilogy with Absolute II Album

Oneida Finish <i>Thank Your Parents</i> Trilogy with <i>Absolute II</i> Album
Brooklyn art rockers Oneida have continued to outdo themselves with sprawling, far-reaching concepts through their Thank Your Parents trilogy. Following 2008's Preteen Weaponry, the group offered up Rated O, the second album in the triptych, in 2009. Now, the cycle will be complete with Absolute II this summer.

As could be expected from the group, a press release explains that "the music on Absolute II is startling, rigorous and demanding," adding that "this release contains neither audible drums nor identifiable 'rock' music." Instead, the album moves "freely across accepted boundaries of rhythm, harmony, and tonality."

Absolute II will be released on June 7 via Jagjaguwar. Album track "Horizon" can be streamed below.

Absolute II:

 1. "Pre_Human"

2. "Horizon"

3. "Gray Area"

4. "Absolute II"