Oneida Enemy Hogs

Enemy Hogs is definitely schizoid, but that’s a large part of its charm. “Whitey Fortress” is five minutes of swirling, slightly psychedelic skronk. It veers immediately into the hyperactive, arty dance pop of “Primanti Bros.,” which falls somewhere between Devo and Sonic Youth. If you miss those early Eno records, the ones where he perfected twisted mutant pop, then check out “Ginger (Bein’ Free)” for a dose. The best track, “Turn It Up (Loud),” opens with an ELP-ish choir before dropping into a stomping and anthemic arena sized number that recalls Faith No More or even Queen at their guilty pleasure best. Almost as good is “Hard Workin’ Man,” which provides a fix for those that miss the quieter moments of Minneapolis guerrilla art punk rockers, the Suburbs. And ya gotta love a band that disses David Crosby — “Quest For Two.” There are occasional dead ends, but that’s attributable more to their fearless eclecticism than a dearth of ideas. And despite the grab bag approach, it holds together; even when it gets too arty for its own good it manages to hold your interest. (Turnbuckle)