Oneida Each One Teach One

Originally released as a limited edition deluxe vinyl set by Version City, Each One Teach One is far too pleasurably damaging to exist in obscurity. Enter Jagjaguwar, the Indiana-based record label whose devotion to membrane abusing musical artists is commendable in indie rock circles. Although Oneida is deemed a "psychedelic" band, their sound is more psychiatric, requiring intense and active listening. The first track on disc one features a 14-minute-long grainy schizoid/Tourette's rock take on Philip Glass, using seemingly endless repetitions of mod-like, garage-heavy bars to test whether the listener will go insane or instead get "stoned" by the patterns, or both. On the second track, the band does truly touch upon vintage primordial psychedelia with classic keyboard grooves for 16 minutes. The second disc, more for the passive listener, features the alter-ego of Oneida, where irreverent, dynamic and experimental pop-punk attacks flourish, with the band sticking to much shorter pieces that stay away from the psych and instead are animated like a cartoon drawn only by sound with vintage gear. Shades of Syd Barrett seem to manifest themselves here at times, with echoes of "Jugband Blues"-like passages, and a spiritual ghost ride of his infamous "Bike" can be felt warbling across and within the songs. To be more concise, Oneida are the true opposites of the term "deprivation," and they offer infinity at an affordable price. (Jagjaguwar)