Old Man Luedecke

Tender is the Night

BY Rachel SandersPublished Oct 3, 2012

Old Man Luedecke has gone full Nashville on his fifth album. And it sounds like he had a fine old time doing it. With warm production enhancing his distinctive vocals and a full band of professional studio musicians behind him, the Chester, NS banjo-player's exuberance shines through from the first notes of bluegrass-y opener "Kingdom Come." Recorded at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville by the renowned Dave Ferguson (Johnny Cash), the album owes its flawless production to Grammy Award-winning musician Tim O'Brien, who also lent his vocal and instrumental skills to Luedecke's 2010 release. Beneath the sheer delight that spills from Luedecke's upbeat banjo licks lurks more of the songwriter's superb lyricism, filled with vulnerability and vibrant language. Lyrical themes this time around range from the biblical ("Jonah & the Whale," "Long Suffering Jesus") to the alcoholic ("Little Stream of Whiskey," "A&W Song"). This brilliant light on the country's folk music scene has never sounded better.
(True North)

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