Oh Sees' John Dwyer Announces New Album as OCS

Oh Sees' John Dwyer Announces New Album as OCS
At this point, it's starting to feel like John Dwyer is single-handedly responsible for the vinyl revival. After all, the ridiculously prolific musician continues to crank out new releases at an alarming pace, and he's just announced another LP under a name that sounds a lot like "Oh Sees."

Of course, it wouldn't be a new John Dwyer project without some confusing minutiae. Having ditching the moniker "Thee Oh Sees" in order to release a new album as "Oh Sees" last week, Dwyer has now announced a new record as OCS. As Dwyer historians are undoubtedly aware, OCS was the first moniker the artist used for the project. 

All of this is a long and convoluted way to say that Dwyer will release a new record called Memory of a Cut Off Head on November 17 via his Castle Face label. 

The album's title track features vocals from Brigid Dawson (also of Thee Oh Sees), and can be streamed below.

As previously reported, Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees/OCS have a North American tour kicking off next month. You can check out the dates here.

Do you think John Dwyer enjoys the TV show The O.C.?

Memory of a Cut Off Head:

1. Memory of a Cut Off Head
2. Cannibal Planet
3. The Baron Sleeps and Dreams
4. The Remote Viewer
5. On & On Corridor
6. Neighbor to None
7. The Fool
8. The Chopping Block
9. Time Tuner
10. Lift a Finger