Ogre You Asshole Return with 'Rule Invisible,' Premiere New Single

Ogre You Asshole Return with 'Rule Invisible,' Premiere New Single
The last we heard from Ogre You Asshole, the Japanese rock visionaries were busy taking a look back at their decade-long career with their 2013 "rearrange album" Confidential. Now, though, the group are setting their sights back on the future with a new 12-inch and plans for a yet-to-be-announced full-length album.

Due out May 28, the long-awaited EP will boast the new track "Rule Invisible" (見えないルール), as well as an instrumental mix of the song and a pair of remixes. As is often the case these days, Ogre You Asshole's Manabu Deto (guitar/vocal), Kei Mabuchi (guitar), Takashi Katsuura (drums) and Takashi Shimizu (bass) once again worked with Japanese sound guru/producer You Ishihara (Yura Yura Teikoku, Nisennenmondai), as well as engineer Souichiro Nakamura. Also, one of those remixes comes courtesy of beat-dabbling countryman ALTZ.

The release will be a stand-alone single; however, it apparently gives a glimpse at the direction OYA plan to take on their proper follow-up to 2012's stellar 100 Years After.

Down below, you can hear a bit of that new direction for yourself, as the band have teamed up with Exclaim.ca to share an abridged teaser of "Rule Invisible." While this isn't the full seven-and-half-minute epic, OYA are clearly taking their love of krautrock-inspired grooves, weaving psychedelic textures and pulsing, high-in-the-mix basslines to the next level. Heady, hypnotic and pleasantly out-there, "Rule Invisible" definitely shows a lot of promise for what OYA have in store for us on their next full-length.

The single will only be released on 12-inch vinyl and is a joint release between the band and Japanese alt-music mag ele-king, which runs the P-Vine imprint.

While the 12-inch isn't set to get a North American release, you can pre-order the record here at Jet Set or here on Amazon.

There's no firm word on when OYA's next album will arrive, but the band have lined up a few Japanese live dates, which you can see below. And of course, you can soak in "Rule Invisible" at the bottom of the page.

You can keep up with OYA on their Facebook page and newly created English Twitter account.

Rule Invisible:

1. Rule Invisible
2. Rule Invisible (instrumental)
3. Rule Invisible (ALTZ Remix)
4. Rule Invisible (Sun Dance Remix)

Tour dates:

05/29 Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya Club Quattro
06/07 Osaka, Japan - Umeda Shangri-La
07/27 Naeba, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival