Ogre You Asshole

"Rope" (live video) (ft. Mark McGuire)

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 1, 2015

Japanese pop adventurers Ogre You Asshole are about to be treated to a live album, but here's a unique recording that appears to be separate from that release. It's an 18-minute version of their song "Rope" performed with exploratory guitarist (and former Emeralds member) Mark McGuire.

This was the encore performance from a live show a called ""DELAY 2015"" that took place this March in Tokyo. In the newly released footage, filmed by Takeshi Awaya, we see the collaborators concocting cosmic vibes on the darkened stage. It begins as a spaced-out groove, but it takes a turn for the noisy as the psychedelic arrangement develops.

Watch the performance below.

Ogre You Asshole's Workshop live album, meanwhile, is due on June 17 via P-Vine.

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