​Of Course Justin Bieber Hung Out with Yodelling Boy at Coachella

​Of Course Justin Bieber Hung Out with Yodelling Boy at Coachella
As rumoured, viral yodelling sensation Mason Ramsey made an appearance at Coachella on Friday (April 13) during Whethan's set — but he met an even bigger star backstage. Yes, Yodeling Boy hung out with Justin Bieber.
It's a testament to the speed of internet fame in 2018 that the Illinois kid went from singing at Walmart to getting memed by Bieber to performing at Coachella within the span of a week.
Bieber was caught on camera watching and cheering on Whethan's Ramsey-featuring set, then later captured having a quick chat with the YouTube star. Keen observers filmed the interaction, and Bieber can be overheard saying, "I'm so proud of you," before posing for some photos with the kid.
Check out footage of the exchange down below.
As TMZ reports, the Biebs went so far as to emulate the young Ramsey, yodelling through the festival grounds later that night.
Ramsey isn't the only high-profile bestie that Bieber hung out with over the festival weekend, though. He also declared his fandom for the likes of Greta Van Fleet and Post Malone.

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