Odd Future Sign Young Ni**a (aka Tyler's New Alter Ego)

Odd Future Sign Young Ni**a (aka Tyler's New Alter Ego)
Via unorthodox beats, hyper-violent wordplay, band member mysteries and a ton of controversy, for better or for worse, California rap troupe Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All became the talk of the town this year. The hip-hop unit are now graciously willing to pass a bit of that shine on to another upstart spitter, announcing the signing of Young Ni**a to their Odd Future imprint.

UPDATE: Well, it looks as if Odd Future have signed, um, Tyler, the Creator. The Young Ni**a track, "Come Threw Looking Clean," which you can listen to on Odd Future's website, sounds suspiciously like Tyler. And this advance look at the new Young Ni**a album, Expensive Pasta, seems to be nothing more than a prank, or at the very least the debut of Tyler's not-very-funny alter-ego.

Not much is known about the rhymer, but a press release explains that Odd Future are blown away by the newcomer. While the imprint was created to focus on the group proper, they apparently couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with the rapper.

"Odd Future Records is extremely excited to announce our first official signing, Young Ni**a," the group said in a statement. "While our original intent was not to sign anyone to the label we simply could not pass up the opportunity to sign somebody this talented. Young Ni**a embodies the DIY ethic and persona of Odd Future along with a commercial appeal that transcends demographics." 

While we don't know anything about the hip-hop kid's flow, all will be revealed at 3 p.m. PST today (September 23), when the label premieres Youn Ni**a's new single on Oddfuture.com.