Women's Rights Group Plans Odd Future Protest at Pitchfork Festival

> Jun 29 2011

Women's Rights Group Plans Odd Future Protest at Pitchfork Festival
By Gregory AdamsFor all of the hype and praise hip-hop troupe Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have garnered this year, the band have also managed to piss off many with their hyper-violent, misogynistic rhymes. Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara) called out de facto leader Tyler, the Creator's "sickening rhetoric" and GLAAD raised concerns over his lyrics as well, while Kathleen Hanna suggested maybe we just ignore their tunes. Now, a U.S. women's rights group is hoping to discuss the merits of Odd Future's controversial verses some more at the upcoming Pitchfork Music Festival via an onsite protest.

Between Friends (an organization dedicated to fighting domestic violence and abuse) announced that it will be hitting up the Chicago festival on July 16, the day of Odd Future's performance, to distribute 5,000 hand fans. The freebies will contain information about how to curb violence against women and list a number of resources as well. Odd Future play on July 17.

A statement from the non-profit reads:

Violence against women and girls is pervasive in our culture. We see it portrayed at home, on the streets and in the media, including in our music. For many, the messages heard every day are so normal that the issue is oftentimes ignored or not discussed, yet many who are intimately affected by it are unaware of the quality services available in Chicago.

There has recently been much debate regarding one band in particular, Odd Future, whose lyrics are extremely violent toward women (as well as other groups of people).

According to the organization's website, "The result will be a sea of fans cooling down concertgoers while, hopefully, getting them discussing the issue and knowing where to turn for help."

Between Friends isn't hoping to censor Odd Future, they just want to start up a dialogue regarding the group's wildly violent imagery.

"While we don't agree with this, it is their art, and we'd like to offer a counterpoint and continue to help people that are being affected by the violence they describe."

For their part, Odd Future wholly embrace the protest. What's a little more controversy for these dudes? They seem to thrive off it.

"Wait, It Just Hit Me. A Fucking 'Group' Of People Will Be Protesting Against Me. FUCKING AWESOME," Tyler, the Creator tweeted of the debacle.

Between Friends PSA from Wicked Truth on Vimeo.

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Odd Future is actually playing on the 17th.
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I hate violence against women but why is i ok to rap about killing guys and putting guns to their head, but when you do the same thing with women its a horrible thing, equality it a two way street you get the bad and the good.
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Can we please stop talking about Odd Future, maybe, if we do, they will go away ....
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don't these broads have bigger fish to fry than some flavour of the week rapper?
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music's amazing
i am a woman and i love tyler, really, they're just lyrics and you know what, they're great. get off the rag, seriously, it's music.
go stop abuse and stop crying about songs
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This is fucking retarded. There are tons of other rappers who's lyrics are just as evil as these ones. The only reason you idiots are going after him is because he's famous.
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