Octoberman These Trails Are Old and New

Despite being part of Vancouver’s self-proclaimed hardest working indie rock band, Kids These Days, Marc Morrissette thinks it is time for a side project. So under the moniker Octoberman, he has documented his travels through Asia and Europe. These Trails Are Old and New is not a huge departure from his other work, but the sparse arrangements allow the songs to really shine through and that is Morrissette’s strong point. His earnest lyrics and heartfelt delivery is the real saving grace here, but it isn’t quite enough. These Trails Are Old and New is one of those albums that is an enjoyable listen at the time, but then gets lost in your collection, probably never to be seen again. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing to make it stand out from an already crowded singer-songwriter scene where there are people capable of making more compelling, interesting records. (White Whale)