The Ocean


BY Max DeneauPublished Jan 26, 2008

Having established a name for themselves with 2006’s Aeolian, the Ocean have clearly set out to leave a permanent scar on the face of all things metal and/or hardcore affiliated. Separated into two discs, one being a 22-minute slugfest of chaotic noisecore, the other pushing past the hour mark and showcasing a more dynamic approach, there is no shortage of diverse, engaging material. The first disc doesn’t differ all that much from their last effort, although the songs are more stripped-down and focused. It’s the second half where the group’s full range of influences and fearless genre marauding come out to shine. Featuring a broad instrumental palette and the contribution of several vocalists, everything from the grimiest sludge to dreamy, meandering ambient is covered, delivered fluidly and effortlessly. Despite a slightly flat-lined production, particularly on the heavier material, the self-proclaimed "collective” pander to none and are dragging progressive heavy music kicking and screaming into the new year.
(Metal Blade)

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