Occult Elegy for the Weak

Occult certainly make a furious first impression. They combine light-speed metal riffs into an elaborate opus that summons the demons of Kreator and Exodus to the surface. They often break into heavy grooves, charged by speeding guitars that are the reason this genre was named thrash. The sound itself is quite impressive, being full and crisp yet maintaining pure brutality. It’s easily to see that Occult have been honing their craft for quite some time. The vocals are well enunciated and sung in a taunting, ghoulish snarl. The riffs eventually start to coast into droning Slayer melodies and your attention span will most likely be exhausted. This isn’t to say it is without merit because although it’s dully pragmatic, it is rigorously paced and sonically superior to most metal bands. They embody many of the traditional thrash elements and grapple many of the modern melodic inclinations of bands like the Crown, or even at most extreme, Amon Amarth. After approximately three songs, you’ll most likely be battling boredom. Distinguishing becomes futile as it all starts to melt together. (Karmageddon)