OBUXUM is Toronto-based Somali-Canadian producer and beatmaker Muxubo Mohamed, whose distinct and characteristic sound is carving its own space across Toronto. OBUXUM's latest EP, H.E.R., is her unsilenced story of what it means to be a Somali-Canadian womxn navigating the world.
In her words: "The blk, brwn, and indigenous womxn have inspired me endlessly to remain courageous, daring and bold. That's what she represents."
H.E.R. is straight-up beat work that's not bogged down by superfluous, of-the-moment gimmicks. Instead, each track is wildly different, throwing in expansive percussion, hip-hop, electronic and spoken word from Eartha Kitt. It's as if Arms and Sleepers and Flying Lotus got into a dust-up with Lone.
The six tracks on the EP are also shells to an extent, or brief beginnings of something much bigger. With most tracks running just over a minute, there's an absolute desire for more — not in the sense that they're lacking (though short, they're entirely complex). You simply don't want them to end. (Urbnet)