Obscene Kidz Langue Sale

Obscene Kidz are a seven-man electro-rap collective out of Montreal. Their full-length debut, Langue Sale, is filled with dance floor-minded synths, Franglais and references to pop culture and technology. At its best, this album is a whole lot of fun. Songs like the soca-inspired gallop of "Tout Ce Que Tu As" and the snare drum snapping "Janet Jackson" are the perfect example of the sort of up-tempo, sexed-up club music that a group like this should be making. Unfortunately, Langue Sale is occasionally marred by the Kidz not knowing when to take their collective feet off the irony pedal. "Party Animal" and "Bouge" sound entirely too much like MC Mario-style '90s Euro cheese. While this was undoubtedly done as some sort of smirking, tongue-in-cheek reference it feels like someone forgot to tell the Kidz that a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it. Ugly missteps aside, Langue Sale is what it's supposed to be: an album of solid party music best suited to dry-humping on dance floors. (BBT Wreck-Hurdz)