Obits Stream 'Bed & Bugs' on, Offer Track-by-Track Guide

Obits Stream 'Bed & Bugs' on, Offer Track-by-Track Guide
Brooklyn-based surf-y garage rock band Obits return with Bed & Bugs, their third album for Sub Pop next Tuesday (September 10), but you can already stream the album in full over here on While you listen, though, you can gain some insight about every song from singer/guitarist Sohrab Habibion.

Obits made this album in an apartment in Arlington, VA, which served as a mellow place for them to record then working in a sterile studio. When Exclaim! last caught up with the band in April, Habibion mentioned that this LP might prove to be a bit different for Obits and that influences like the Byrds, Chrome, Can, Dr. Feelgood, Ethiopiques, JJ Cale and the Ruts were creeping in.

"At our relative ages, as people who've been listening to music, all of those bands are ones we've ingested for 10 to 15 years," he now says in a new interview. "It all comes out in the wash for sure, but we don't consciously say, 'Hey, let's work on this Ruts part.' It's more that, as we're working on something and it's in this nascent stage, some times we'll try to figure out, which direction to go in. So I might say, 'It'd be fun to do this Vibrators thing,' but it's just our pedestrian way of saying, 'Let's do it like this band did it,' and we all know what we're going for.

"But in the end, it has to have our own voice or it's not worth doing."

Habibion says that, overall, the new LP contains obvious departures for the band but also extensions that could exist on any of their previous releases. Obits, which have also long featured bassist Greg Simpson and vocalist/guitarist Rick Froberg, has a new drummer in Alexis Fleisig (of Girls Against Boys), and on his first album with the band, he gives them a bit more power and finesse when such things are called for.

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