Obits Plot New Moody, Standard & Poor LP

Obits Plot New <i>Moody, Standard & Poor</i> LP
Last year, Brooklyn outfit Obits  dropped their debut disc I Blame You, a hard-rockin' outing that blasted leader Rick Froberg's (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu) patented schoolboy yelp atop old-school rhythm-and-blues-style punk licks. Admittedly it hasn't been that long since the band last released a slab of wax, but in case you were panicked about the group's status, you can now lay your worries to rest. Obits are alive and well and will be dropping a new LP next year.

While there isn't much info currently floating around for their next set, what we can tell you is that Obits' new offering will hit store shelves via Sub Pop on March 29. We also know it will be called Moody, Standard & Poor, but so far a tracklisting and cover art have yet to pop up for the platter.

However, it's only a matter a time before those extra details arrive, and we're guessing the same goes for some new Obits tour dates.