Novillero Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives

Blending infectious pop and stylistic mod influences, Winnipeg’s Novillero reign in high-energy numbers on this sophomore record. Featuring members of Duotang, Transonic, and Bulletproof Nothing, the band’s got some real pop pedigree to work with and the four-piece write some tight, eclectic songs together. The top of the record rocks mightily thanks to the pounding "Laissez Faire System,” and the energetic "The Hypothesist.” Novillero take a different turn on the poppier "Abbey” and the slow-building title track before blasting off again with "Gaining Ground/Losing Sight.” With pianos and keyboards tempering thumping drums and jangly guitars, Aim promises that Novillero must be an endearing, sweat-soaked spectacle live. (Mint)