Nottz "Shine So Brite"

Nottz 'Shine So Brite'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Nottz might just be your favourite hip-hop producer's favourite producer. With production work for Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Ghostface and Kardinal Offishall, to name a few, and rumoured work with Dr. Dre on the long-awaited Detox on his resume, the Norfolk, VA native is also one of the few people who produced music for the revered, late J. Dilla.

Now ready to assume mic duties, as well as manning the boards, Nottz is bringing his patented grimy production style to his solo project, humbly titled You Need This Music, due later this year. "Shine So Brite" is the first offering and features Nottz sporting a lackadaisical rhyme flow over the hard drums that have become a staple of his production style. Filtered, soulful vocals, quirky keyboard jabs and a Big Daddy Kane-referencing "dope or dog food" refrain puts it over the top.

Despite its hard-hitting style and approach, it's clearly a sentimental tribute to J. Dilla, who passed away four years ago this month, a point driven home in the song's video. While the number of people name-checking Dilla continues to suspiciously grow over time, Nottz's relationship with him in the past and the approach he brings to "Shine So Brite" proves he's the genuine article in respecting the producer's sonic legacy.

Download "Shine So Brite" by Nottz here and check out the video below.