Northsoutheastwest The Islands Are Still Sinking

Following along the lines of Hawthorne Heights and the Receiving End of Sirens, this five-piece from Racine, WI shake with an edge that has a progressive rock sound but still puts a heavy emphasis on their screamo influences, which pour out of singer Brian Tombari’s throat and ties everything together. Songs such as "Fight or Flight” encompass the breadth of their sound, fluctuating between the quieter moments driven mostly by a steady guitar base to their heavier, scratchier vocals and distorted guitars. The album's recording level isn’t at its peak (although it’s not bad, just missing a clarity that makes this genre really shine) but it just shows that although NSEW are a band that are currently unsigned, if they keep progressing it won’t be long until they are recording high-quality albums with a steady following, so now would be the time to check them out. (Independent)