Northern Beauties

Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB, February 26

Photo: Ryan Kostel

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 27, 2016

Calgary's self-proclaimed "venerable western folk quintet," Northern Beauties, featured fiddle coupled with lap steel providing textured instrumentation as vocalists Todd Stewart and Craig Aikman harmonized. Their set began with gentle and sorrowful tunes, strong rhythms carrying them through. Banjo and harmonica livened up their sound amidst its often haunting moments. Performing tracks from their EP, such as "You Make It Right" and "I Won't Run," the band's heartfelt performance was endearing.
Stewart described sitting with his wife at night and seeing their reflection in their picture window as part of the inspiration for "You Make It Right," while a later song was inspired by the debauched ski trip that led him to her. Northern Beauties were in a joyful mood during their set, inviting the audience to join them. The last song they performed was from their upcoming album, bowed bass and fiddle providing the introduction, which burst into an upbeat romp.

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