Noname Reignites J. Cole Feud, Says "I'm Nobody's Leader"

"If Cole brought you here because 'she's a leader in these times,' unfollow me"
Noname Reignites J. Cole Feud, Says 'I'm Nobody's Leader'
Photo: Chris Bubinas
Noname and J. Cole's online feud has been brought back to life after Noname told J. Cole's fans to unfollow her if his recent words brought them to her Twitter account.

"If Cole brought you here because 'she's a leader in these times,' unfollow me," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "I'm not a fucking leader. I'm a confused n**** reading difficult books, trying to understand this shit like everyone else. I tweet recklessly and smoke Reggie. I'm nobody's leader."

Noname also suggested that she may delete her Twitter account as a result of the ongoing feud.

Her latest play in the fight follows Cole's Twitter callout following the release of his diss track, "Snow on Tha Bluff." The rapper dropped the track in response to Noname's supposed subtweet about him for his silence on the murder of George Floyd.

He followed the track up with mixed praise for Noname, instructing fans to follow her on Twitter, and saying, "I love and honor her as a leader in these times. She has done and is doing the reading and the listening and the learning on the path that she truly believes is the correct one for our people."

A day later, Noname addressed the drama in a diss track — her first new material in a year — titled "Song 33," where she raps, "He really bout to write about me when the world is in smokes? / When it's people in trees? / When George begging for his mother saying he couldn't breathe / you thought to write about me?"

After releasing the track, the Chicago rapper later apologized, explaining that she was "not proud" of her response and that her ego "got the best of her," expressing disappointment in herself for being a distraction while issues of racism persist.

See her latest response below.