Noname Is "Not Going to Apologize" for Jay Electronica's Controversial Verse on Her Album

"Your disappointment truly means absolutely nothing to me and I say that with love"

Photo: Noname by Joshua Peter Grafstein (left), Jay Electronica by the Come Up Show

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 14, 2023

Noname finally released Sundial last week, and it seems to have been well-received by critics and fans alike. Well, for the most part. The backlash that made the rapper threaten to scrap the album has only continued since "balloons," her song with Jay Electronica and Eryn Allen Kane, has actually been released.

See, before, people were mad about the mere notion of Electronica's featured presence on the album because of his affiliation with the Nation of Islam (NOI) and its outwardly antisemitic leader, Louis Farrakhan. It turns out that the featured artist's verse on the song sees him seize the opportunity to talk directly about his beliefs — but Noname is still "not going to apologize for a verse I didn't write."

"I run with the mighty 'Khan as we expose the liars," Electronica raps on the track. "Some fuckboy 85er come run up and press me / It's all a hoax, quite simple, a joke like Zelenskyy." He ends the verse by once again paying homage to Farrakhan: "If anybody asks, tell 'em Farrakhan sent me / It's the war of armageddon and I'm beggin' the listener / If you ain't fighting that mean you either dead or a prisoner."

Noname took to Instagram last night (August 13) to address the continued backlash now that the featured rapper's contribution to her track further pushes the envelope of his controversial allegiances.

"No, I'm not antisemitic. I don't hate groups of people," she wrote. "I am against white supremacy which is a global system that privileges people who identify as white," adding that she's been clear about this for years.

Noname continued, "I'm not going to apologize for a verse I didn't write. I'm not going to apologize for including it on my album. If you feel I'm wrong for including that's fair. Don't listen. Unfollow and support all the other amazing rappers putting out dope music. Your disappointment truly means absolutely nothing to me and I say that with love."
"balloons" was initially supposed to be the lead single from Sundial, but the artist cancelled its pre-album release when she announced the LP's release date. "I'd rather share it with the rest of the album," she said at the time. You can listen to the track below.

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