Nomi The Nomi Song

Though he was an enigma to most who remember him from the early '80s, the mystery of one of pop music's strangest figures is revealed in this riveting documentary. Born Klaus Sperber in West Germany during the WWII, Nomi relocated to NYC to live out his dream as an opera pop star from outer space. The Nomi Song is a fascinating account about the rise of this unlikely star told through numerous interviews with his friends, his elderly aunt and the man himself. Suitably paralleling It Came From Outer Space (clips from the sci-fi flick are included for good measure), Nomi's life was very much like an extraterrestrial encounter for those around him thanks to his quirky appearance, avant-garde wardrobe and new wave music. He was an original oddity whose vision was acted out to an extent, but with plenty of frustration and not to as widely opened arms as he expected (an ill-advised opening slot for Twisted Sister proved disastrous). Sadly, his life ended just as his career showed potential when he contracted AIDS in 1983, making him one of the first celebrities to die from what was then deemed "gay cancer." The Nomi Song is an absorbing film and a must-see for those who always wondered who exactly that weird looking singer was. Plus: deleted interview scenes, director commentary, and exclusive remixes of Nomi's music. (Palm/SMV)