Nomeansno/The Hanson Brothers Would We Be... Live?

The spazzy jazz-core pride of Victoria, BC and their hockey-worshipping side-project are captured in two separate performances recorded more than a month apart at the same club in London, England. The disc opens with a 20-song, nearly two-hour set recorded in June, 2002. The rhythmic Wright Brothers and guitarist Tom Holliston are in typically tight, high-energy form as they blast through songs from almost every album, from their debut to 2000's One (the last disc they've put out, and we're still patiently waiting for a new one). The Hanson Brothers' set is about an hour of Ramones-inspired puck rock, which is essentially the same band with Drummer John Wright assuming vocal duties and Removal's Ernie Hawkins taking over on drums. While decently shot, with multiple home video-quality cameras, it's the audio portion of the shows that leave something to be desired. The mix sounds like it was taken directly from the board, which in a small club often means no bottom end and low-level guitars. And that's exactly the case here. It doesn't do justice to the experience of being at the show and this one is strictly for the fans. (Navarre/EMI)